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Ghosty is a new thing

It's new enough that we don't yet know how best to describe it. Depending on your perspective, Ghosty can be described as a:

How Ghosty benefits you

Depending on how you use it (and what field you're in), Ghosty will have various benefits:

Better image bookmarking.: go beyond traditional image bookmarking tools. Tagging and organizing tools make it easy to amass a massive collection of images and navigate through it with ease.

Organize your thoughts, visually. Build your own visual mind palace to catalog your knowledge and get closer to the things that matter most to you. Ghosty helps you visualize abstract concepts, hunt for the perfect images, gain insights via comparative visual analysis, and more.

Gain access to a rich & growing visual knowledge base: Ghosty is a collaborative community. Every image and tag added by a Ghosty member is accessible to all members. Joining Ghosty gives you access to this rich visual dataset.

Gain back your privacy: Ghosty is a private website with no ads and no 3rd party trackers. This means your data is private and never shared with 3rd parties. So you can collect all the images you like without worrying about who's using your data and what they're using it for.

Go deeper. Individually, images are treasure troves of content and meaning. Collectively, images are links in a massive web of meaning. Ghosty makes it easy to navigate that web and go deeper into the imagery that matters most to you.

Gain back your time and focus. Ghosty has no ads, and never will. No ads means no distractions, no noise, and no time wasted actively ignoring endless pitches for products you don't want. Ghosty shows you just the images you're looking for, which lets you stay focused without wasting your precious time skimming past ads.

Unlock and grow creative skills in unexpected ways. As you delve deeper into Ghosty, you'll see yourself and the world differently. That's because Ghosty enables new ways of seeing and thinking which help you become a better thinker / artist / creative.

When you join, the entire Ghosty community benefits

Ghosty members mutually benefit from each other's bookmarked images, tags, and shared boxes. When you save or tag an image, other Ghosty members can discover, tag, and save it to their own boxes.

As the Ghosty community grows, the communal collection of images grows and becomes more accurately described by tags. Which makes it easier to discover the images that matter to you.

Joining Ghosty benefits the Internet

We're all concerned about the steady decline of the Internet, but it's difficult to do something about it. The economic incentives to go with the flow are so great that it's hard to go against the grain and make the web less obnoxious. Every day major websites get "upgrades" to increase revenue, which inevitably make them worse: more ads, more tracking, more of your data sold to 3rd parties without your knowledge, slower page loads, dark patterns.

Ghosty is one of the few services of its kind that is without ads, and not controlled by 'surveillance capital'. The incentives that drive Ghosty are simple: to make members lives better by providing great value. When you join Ghosty, you're casting a vote for a better, weirder, more personal Internet.

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