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Ghosty is an image bookmarking website for folks who love images and care about privacy.

The site helps you organize images you find on the Web, and discover images saved by other members.

Why Ghosty Rules

I designed Ghosty to be simple, fast, anonymous, and useful.

Since Ghosty is simple, it's easier to build. That frees up time to keep the site running well and to add useful features.

The site is fast, by design. Speed is a top priority for Ghosty, so I built it to be speedy from the ground up.

Ghosty's community is small and anonymous. Small online communities have that "special something" that larger communities often lack. And anonymity brings back the feel of the Olde Internette, before the social networking tsunami changed the computing landscape.

Why pay for image bookmarking?

Running a website costs money to run servers and pay developers (hi!). The subscriptions paid by Ghosty members cover the expenses of running the site.

Your Ghosty subscription comes with the peace of mind that the site does not show ads, nor does it sell data or share data with third parties.


You can email me at support@ghosty.land, or message me on Twitter.