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Ghosty Guide

If you're a new Ghosty member, please check out the tour to get an overview of how the website works.

If you run into any problems, contact me via email or on Twitter.

Ghosty uses browser extensions for saving images to the site.

To start saving images, be sure to install the browser extension for your particular browser.

After installing the browser extension, you can save images on a webpage by clicking the Ghosty extension button in your browser's toolbar (the button that looks like the Ghosty logo: ).

In the page that appears, first click on the images that you want to save. Then, type in somes tags for each image that you clicked. And finally, when you're done click the "Save" button.

If the page contains a lot of images, there will be a scrollbar so you can scroll through the images to find the ones you want to save.

Tags let you organize and categorize images on Ghosty. You can tag your own images, and images saved by other members.

Tags can contain any character except for commas: ,. Spaces may be used, and are highly encouraged for meaningful phrases and proper names.

Tags should be as short as possible, except in cases where a longer tag is appropriate. For instance, most tags are a single word, but a tag for person's proper name will have several words and spaces. You can separate tags by pressing the comma key: , or by pressing the ENTER key in the tag editor text box.

Tags are not case-sensitive when searching.

Tags appear next to the image they are applied to, on each image's page. You can add a tag to any image on the site at any time, even if you didn't save the image.

When adding tags to an image that's already saved to the site, your new tags won't be stored until you press the "Add Tags" button next to the tag editor text box. So if you go to another page before pressing "Add Tags", your tags won't be added and the tag editor will be cleared out if you come back to the previous page.

You can search for images from any page of Ghosty.

To search, click on the text bar at the top of the page. Then type in some keywords and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Search looks for tags with the exact same text. So if your search didn't return the images you expected, you can add tags to those images to make it easier to search for them.