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Ghosty is a place to save images you find online. When you save an image to Ghosty, you can also add tags to make it easier to find the image again later.
Hello! My name is Devon Strawn. I'm a computerist based in the Pacific Northwest. I made Ghosty to make it easier to organize my images, and opened it up to the world to help you organize your images too.
Email me at support@ghosty.land, or send me a message on Twitter.
Email me at support@ghosty.land.
Email me at support@ghosty.land. I'm always open to feature suggestions.
Ghosty is $30/year.
No. But there is a 3-day trial period during which you can request a refund for any reason.
You can pay with Stripe. If you're having difficulty paying through Stripe, please send me an email.

Your boxes, their contents, and their names are private.

Tags and images are public. If you add a tag to an image or save an image, the tags and the image are visible to other Ghosty members. However, tags and images are anonymous; nothing is attributed to any individual.

Tags and images are public because it makes it much easier for everyone to discover images, while maintaining anonymity. Even though images and tags are public, they are anonymous. No one will know that you saved a particular image, or added a particular tag to any image.

No. You can provide any name you like. The only thing that must be real is the email address and the form of payment associated with your account.
I built Ghosty with security in mind. The website uses secure connections by default. Passwords are stored in a way that makes it difficult to crack even if the Ghosty servers are compromised.
The best way is to install the Ghosty browser extension.
Click on the Ghosty logo in the upper-left corner of any page on the site.
Click on your username, in the upper-right corner of any page on the site.
You can tag an image when you first add it using the browser extension. There's a text box where you can type tags.

Or you can tag an image when viewing the image on the site. Type in the tag editor text box next to the image, then click the "Add Tags" button to save the tags. You can tag any image at any time, not just images you've saved to a box.

Tags can be separated by pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard, or by typing a comma: ,

Tags can contain spaces, multiple words, underscores, numbers, and other special characters, but not the comma character: ,
You can change your email address on your account page.
Accounts are fully refundable within 5 days of signup. Send me an email from the email associated with your account and I will refund you through the payment method associated with your account.
Send me an email from the email associated with your account.
Recent versions of Chrome and Firefox running on Mac, Windows, Linux, and smartphones are officially supported.

Unofficially, Ghosty should work in most modern browsers. Esoteric browsers and old versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.